About us

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”
-Albert Einstein

Petrichor design & interior deco is a design studio specializing in interior design and exhibition design. We also deal in brand design and graphic design.

Honesty and simplicity are the values we appreciate the most. We understand that simplicity at its best requires perfection. Therefore, when designing, we put special emphasis on the role of detail and carefully selected materials. We believe in the power of the most suitable materials, such as stone,steel,wood and glass. Their unique character defines the whole space that defies stereotypes as well as destructive aging processes.

The effect of timelessness is enhanced by carefully adjusted lighting - one of the key aspects of any good project. Due to our profound scrutiny of light in space, we are able to control it, creating the right mood for each of its separate zones, in accordance with the space needs.

Years of experience and the challenges we have met helped us develop a proven designing methodology.It involves constant study of the relationship between form and function. When we think about a block we wonder how it is influenced by its function's change and vice versa.Open minds and a deep understanding of the designing process help us create interesting, daring and original concepts.

Why do we value simplicity? Because - as Leonardo da Vinci once said - “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. We are minimalists who strongly believe in simple, but not necessarily easy solutions. Their functionality harmoniously combines with the style and form of the project.